Newsletter for Bay of Plenty and Waikato – July 2018

Hello Venusians

I hope you are staying snuggly warm during these winter months but still managing to find sun rays along the way to get that vitamin D. OK a lot to share below so get a cuppa of your favourite drink and settle in for a read on how to promote yourself in Venus.

Well it sure has been a busy period with lots of activity. Some great business stories are being shared each week at meetings and some more members have started to use the Venus Facebook Groups and website options available to promote themselves and their business.

In each region we have just completed a round of Members Success Workshop, Power Hour and Collaborative Teams. More dates coming soon for the next lot in August and September.

Promote yourself to the Max

We get to know more about you and your business by you sharing that with us. So how can you do that outside of your fortnightly Venus meeting? So many options available to you to get your profile raised and here they are:

  • RAVE, RAVE, RAVE – meet with other ladies in Venus. You can meet in person, you can Skype/ZOOM RAVE, you can RAVE over the phone. RAVING is valuable to having that 45 mins to an hour to really share about your business in more detail so we can connect you with people to either support your business and growth be it through sales or work to develop your business growth. Ideal to meet in twos but if a group of three works for you then do that. Please just give the respect to ensure you all share with appropriate time about your businesses. You can RAVE with Venus members from all over the country.
  • RAVE with people from other groups in your own business category. You never know where you might be able to collaborate and align with your businesses. Let me know who you would like to be connected with and I can facilitate this for you.
  • Have a completed online profile on Venus Network about you and your business. This is done via your membership sign in. You can put up offerings and photos.  Here is mine for Salt Haven as an example. www.
  • Facebook: We have your group page and the region page. Post anything that relates to your business category that you represent in Venus. this can be video, information, links to your events, industry information, a win you’ve had in your business, reach out for support from other Venus ladies, share an idea of a collaboration you want to do.
  • Use Venus Noticeboard to recommend a fellow member,  share your articles, events, a vacancy you have in your business, any notices you have. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Copy and paste from your other social media pages and your website. Here is the link to view Venus Noticeboard that the public see.
  • To do an input onto the Venus Noticeboard you do this under your membership sign in.
  • Attend other Venus group meetings if your category is not represented in that group. This can be in your region or any other region in NZ that you might be visiting. Just let your Venus Regional Manager know which groups you want to visit. Most Venus meetings happen Tues, Wed and Thurs across NZ. Give at least two weeks notice that you would like to visit as if this is across another region then allow time for the Regional Managers to action this.
  • Complete your inspiring business story These go up on the Venus website and some get selected to be in the Venus magazine and also on the National Facebook Page that is seen by the public.
  • Attend Venus Network events and training workshops in your region and if you are visiting other regions you can attend theirs.
  • Attend Venus Academy Workshops and Programmes
  • Place an advert or advertorial or write an editorial for the Venus magazine (This has a minimum of 6 months shelf life)
  • Have a POWER RAVE with your Venus Regional Manager. This is 45 minutes were we talk about your business and what you would like to achieve with your Venus membership. these can be done in person, on Skype or over the phone.

Venus Meeting Attendance

Key to greater success in Venus is attending your fortnightly group meeting. If you are not there then we are not hearing your latest news and you being top of mind for us to refer you. If you cannot attend then ask another lady to represent your business for you. This can be another Venus lady from another group. It can be a family member or friend. It can be a client or supplier you use. It can be a lady that maybe shares space in your business location. If you sponsor a charity a lady from there could represent you at a meeting.

This is a business meeting and should be viewed in the same way as you would with meeting your clients. We want to be part of your extended referral team as we hope you will be for us. By you respecting with participation and contributing then you are setting the tone for how you operate as a business owner.

You will also be on the roster at a few meetings to do one of the following:

  • Do a 6 minute showcase of your business in your Venus meeting
  • Introduction to Venus for visitors to understand what Venus means to you
  • Present the education topic for the group. This c=becomes the following fortnights meeting topic.

Venus Group Facilitator Changeover

Our current group of Facilitating Teams are half way through their term.  They finish 30th September and then from 1st October our new facilitating team takes over.  To set up all our new teams I need to know by the second week of August who our next Facilitator and Assistant facilitator for each group will be.  This is a great way to raise your profile in your group and region. You can also be showcased on the Venus website as part of recognition that you are part of the Facilitating Team in Venus. If you would like to either nominate a member or self nominate then please let me know and I can share more with you on what is involved.

Venus Network Training Events

As part of your Venus membership you get the following events/activity that you can fully participate in. So come be part of them to meet ladies from across the region and to share about you and your business.

  • Fortnightly meeting
  • Power Rave with your Regional Manager
  • Members Success Workshop
  • Power Hour group training session
  • Collaborative Teams group training session
    • You can attend the above workshops and training sessions as often as you would like during the year.

Venus Academy Activity

It has been great to have Jennifer Myers our Venus Academy Trainer visiting in person or is being smart and using technology to ZOOM online into Venus Group meetings across the regions in recent weeks to introduce herself and more about Venus Academy Workshops. We have the added advantage that Jen has written a lot of the workshops and will be our Trainer in Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

To get an overview of all the Venus Academy Workshops head to this link.

Coming to you in August is Seal The Deal. A one day workshop that is highly interactive with strong plans to implement back in your business being achieved. Jen’s code is not to do death by Powerpoint. You will be kept active for sure!!!  Workshops will be held from 9.15am till 3pm. If it suits you better you can attend a workshop in another region.

Dates for Seal the Deal workshops:

Waikato  – Wednesday 1st August being held in Cambridge

Bay of Plenty – Friday 3rd August being held in Tauranga

Booking is done via Eventbrite.

As a Venus Network member you get a reduced cost option at $249.95 plus GST and costs. Non Venus Network members can also attend and pay a bit more. Payment options are to pay online via Eventbrite or you can split the payment in two and pay 50% upfront to hold your booking and the remainder 7 days before the workshop.  Venus HQ will action this after you indicate on Eventbrite you want to take this option. T&C’s apply.

Signing off now

Ok think I have filled enough of your time and will leave you now to action the above so you can raise your profile in VENUS. Happy self promoting and I look forward to seeing /hearing more about you and your business over the coming month.

Keep Raving!

Linda Crosbie
East  & South Auckland, Waikato Venus Network Regional Manager
Email Linda
m:: 021530877


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