Jenny Griffith, Rival Wealth

Business overview

Our passion is to share our knowledge to help financially educate people throughout out New Zealand. We assist clients to be financially successful through educated decisions that create, protect and grow wealth.

Products and services I offer

I help people with Fire & General commercial and domestic insurance, making sure they have the correct cover in place and that it is fit for purpose.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I enjoy meeting like-minded people who love to share their skills and knowledge to help others.


Jen has been our Insurance Broker since the beginning, and the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" couldn't be truer. Jenny has been available 24/7 from a very demanding client! Her service is exemplary and we continue to enjoy and great working relationship." Ray Spencer

My point of difference

I am very approachable and have the experience to give people good honest advice. Helping people have the peace of mind they will get through when life throws them a curve ball. I'm always available to help and support when people need me the most.

My latest business news

There are a lot of changes in the insurance industry with many claims and emergencies happening due to the climate crisis. Keeping people informed about new products and services that are been offered due the changing environment.
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