Janice Harland, Barrister

Business overview

I have a strong history of providing legal services of the highest standard. I pride myself on the quality of my services and the friendly, welcoming way in which I deal with my clients.

My purpose is to provide outstanding legal services to enable my clients to achieve the best outcomes. I promise to look after my clients' interests as if those interests were my own – sometimes even better!

My Vision is to be recognised as the best at what I do –

My Values include integrity, respect, honesty, encouragement and trust.

Products and services I offer

I have over 25 years experience in family law.
I specialise in Relationship property matters including Contracting Out agreements, Separation agreements, Restraining Orders, Family protection claims, and Trusts.
I am also involved in Child Law as I act for children in my role as a court appointed Lawyer for Children.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I wish to get to know and become known to other working women.
Even though they may be working in the business world they may not have time to think about protecting their businesses and everything they have built up. I would like to advise and assist them to protect their assets.
Similarly I enjoy meeting business women whom I may need at some time in the future so that I have a ready referral source.

My gallery


"I recommended Janice to help a someone deal with relationship property issues. Janice quickly and efficiently gave her advice. She recognised that her client was looking for a businesslike approach to division of the assets and responded accordingly. Having received pragmatic legal advice from Janice myself, I can say this is her normal practice and I am confident in recommending her."
Service Category: Attorney
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

My point of difference

My point of difference is the many years of experience of working in family law that gives me the ability to see the essence of the problem very quickly, and to resolve that problem efficiently and economically. Furthermore I give pragmatic advice to the client in an empathetic manner recognising at all times the stressful nature of family law problems.

My latest business news

I have left the corporate world after 26 Years and I am now working as a Barrister Sole based in Manukau Auckland which gives me greater flexibility to meet my clients needs
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