Sarah Cavanagh, Genesis Advice

Business overview

Genesis Advice has been assisting clients with their Insurance and Investment needs since 2000.

The business was setup by a small group experienced and passionate advisers who wanted to make a difference and have a greater positive impact on peoples' lives.

Genesis Advice has grown over the years and now consists of 10 Advisers and 4 Staff, all with a broad range of skills and knowledge, eager to help you with your Insurance and Investment needs

Genesis is one of the founding members of Wealthpoint, which is a nationwide adviser network of over 200 advisers that are delivering high quality advice to clients from all walks of life.

Our advisers are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Limited which holds a Financial Advice Provider (FAP) licence.

Products and services I offer

Sarah has more than 26 years in the finance sector and has a broad knowledge of all things financial but especially loves helping people with their insurance needs. Insurance is so intangible, until it is needed the most and Sarah has seen the most amazing outcomes when insurance really was the miracle a client and their family needed when things got tough. Sarah works closely with her clients to make sure they get the right cover, at the right terms and the right price to help them achieve their goals and protect their families, in plain language that everyone can understand. This may be through Life insurance, trauma and critical care covers, mortgage and income protection, permanent disablement cover and medical insurance.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I have been a Venus member for a good part of the last 14 years. I think Venus should be a very important part of all Kiwi women's' business plans. Women network differently - we listen, we want to help and want to support other women in business and I have always found Venus to be a very beneficial networking option for my business and also me as a person. I have met great friends, mentors and advisers through my membership with Venus.

My gallery

My point of difference

I have been in finance in NZ for more than 26 years so I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my role. I love helping people understand insurance and make sure they have adequate cover so they can sleep at night knowing the family is protected without worrying about the cost. I have seen many wonderful claim scenarios where people I had the pleasure of insuring came to need that insurance and I could see the wonderful things it did for their lives - at a time when they needed it the most.
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