Cara Leyten, IN-TENSION. Move Better, Feel Great.

Business overview

I'm Cara - a Corrective Movement Specialist. I help people move better so they can feel great via exercise prescription to correct muscle imbalances.

Corrective movement involves realigning the body and learning to move correctly, to reduce stress on the musculoskeletal system and optimise the body's functioning.

Specifically, I can help with pain, chronic pain, recurring injury, general mobility and functionality, sport performance, and much more.

Products and services I offer

Posture and movement analysis.
Exercise prescription for tissue release, strength, and conditioning.
Functional dry cupping therapy.
Muscle imbalance correction.
Pain relief and correction.
Injury prevention protocols.
Functional movement training.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I've heard many good things about Venus for Women in business - particularly for building connections, educating around running a business, and for support.
I am new to my business (started Dec 2022). While I am experienced in my line of work, I have little experience in running a business so am eager to learn more, build great connections, and get my name out there.

My point of difference

While I may be 29 years young, I know what it's like to be in pain. To lose your independence. To have your parents dressing and taking care of you. I know what it's like to try everything suggested to you, only to find no long-term change. I know - more than anyone should at such a young age. I believe I have been through hell and back with my 12+ year chronic injury, learning all that I can, so that other's don't have to.

I am unique in that I look outside the square to find the missing pieces to someone's puzzle - I don't just look at symptom, I look at the entire body head to toe, to identify the root cause of the issue (whether that be pain, weakness, immobility).

My latest business news

I have just selected three athletes to work with via my Athlete Sponsorship Program (first time sponsoring) - I was blown away by how many applications I received, and am excited to work with these three athletes.

I created this program to expand my reach, and build more athlete case studies (most of my current clients are not athletes).
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