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A Certified Martha Beck Life Transformation Coach devoted to empowering women and helping them transform their lives. For women ready to make change in their life and career. An optimist, and change catalyst, Jo helps smart, busy, women who are ready to make change in their life and career, to progress forward and create the lifestyle they really desire.

Products and services I offer

Elevate Coaching Programme
This five week coaching program is short and focused for immediate, tangible results, to help you feel uplifted and ready to start taking action. Gain a fresh perspective, clarity about what you really want, and a boost to get started, to make the changes you’ve been dreaming about. You can read more.

Thrive Coaching Programme
This fourteen week coaching program is the most in-depth, supportive and individualized support I provide and it is completely personalized for you. I only work with a small number of clients at this level, and the Thrive experience is designed so we can work in partnership to create a clear vision of the change you desire. Together we create a plan of action with the right steps toward creating the life you really want. You can read more.

You can also contact me to arrange a break-free conversation where we can explore what you’re looking for and how I can best support you.
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Workshop facilitator

Organiser of the Auckland Women Career and Life Change Meet up Group

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I joined Venus Network because I like the idea of woman working together and supporting each other to promote business and personal progress and development. I'm still here six years later enjoying the sense of community and business support that Venus offers.

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“A warm, dedicated, thoughtful Martha Beck trained coach, Jo could be your wonderful guide, anchor, wise woman, cheerleader, trusted advisor, confidant…all customized to your personal journey.” Emma

“Jo would always make me feel comfortable and help me to understand that my crazy ideas could be accomplished! Everything that I talked to her about she would listen carefully and always hit the nail on the head with what I should think about next.”

“Not only did she help me with my original problem of sorting out my career life she also helped me to understand who I was as a person and why I had the thoughts or the feelings I had about different situations/people. I really appreciate that I now know how to deal and handle with being in the tricky situations and how to react to them.” Adele

“I had plenty of dreams goals and ambitions that I wanted to make happen but felt a little bit confused about how to get there. Jo was wonderful, encouraging and supportive in showing me tools to use to create "my best year yet". I loved every minute.” Becs

I recommend the Thrive Coaching Programme.
I always came out of our sessions enthusiastic about the work to do.
Jo handled my desire for big sky thinking well and helped me distill it into small practical steps. I found the tools and techniques really useful and I continue to use them now. Jo inspired and helped me to really pin down what was important, my values, and how to bring these into play into my everyday. I now feel more confident to take action, and to trust in myself and my decisions.
I’m actually on the road as supposed to just thinking about it and it feels great!

Jo is caring and thoughtful, she encouraged me to think about myself in a different way and explore my thoughts and feelings to help me identify my unique values in an easy, non-judgmental environment. It has helped me to reset my expectations of myself, discover my true goals and work in small steps to achieve them.
I would absolutely recommend this coaching to anyone looking for focus and clarity to be a better version of yourself both in business and life. 

My point of difference

It’s an extremely empowering experience and the women who work with me are transformed. The reason why I know how to do this is because I have been there myself.
It took a lot of focus and work to move myself through into a life that I am really enjoying today and I love the fact that I can help other women to do that because sometimes it so hard to see the spot you are standing on and a fresh perspective from someone that has been there before can make such a difference.

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