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Business overview

Masters Home Loans, your Mortgage Reduction Specialists!
• Would you give up an hour or two of your precious time to see if you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your mortgage lending by making your money work smarter for you?
• As mortgage reduction specialists, we walk alongside you, setting up your loan structure and actively managing it, to put you in a position to be debt free faster, saving hundreds of thousands $ in interest repayments, without contributing extra in the process.
• We are your advocate. We show you what the banks don’t.
• Our services, don’t cost you a thing
Master becoming debt-free faster with Adviser Sasha and Vicki at Masters Home Loans!
If you have a mortgage already, want to buy property, build or renovate, then you’re exactly who we’d love to talk with.

Products and services I offer

When it comes to banks, we are colour-blind. Money is 1/3 logic and 2/3 emotion, so it’s more important to match the right bank to your needs, than negotiate rate discounts. (Don’t worry, we definitely do this too!)
We work with all 5 main banks (ANZ, Westpac, ASB, Kiwibank and BNZ) and many other smaller banks and lenders) to match their best product to your individual situation and banking needs.
Unlike many Mortgage Adviser businesses, we are not owned by or affiliated with particular Banks or Real Estate agencies. Where one bank says “no” often another bank will say “yes”.

• Residential home loans
• Existing mortgage refinance or restructure
• Property Investors
• First home buyers
• New builds and turnkey properties
• Top up loans for renovations, new cars etc.
• Debt Consolidation
• Personal loans
• Business and Commercial loans
• KiwiSaver
• Tower Fire & General referrals
• XE Money transfer referrals

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I joined Venus in 2018 to meet and be inspired by other motivated women who are also seeking to help others around them, by connecting in our community and achieve better personal and business success. And I love a good natter!


“I met Sasha at two different business groups I attend in 2016. At one of these I listened to him speak about his vision and values. I respect his views on life, and stored his contact away for possible business. A few months later, I realised that there may be an opportunity to work with him. The project was to consolidate our extensive accounts and to save on fees and bank interest. It wasn’t the easiest of times as we were also selling a number of businesses and wishing to change banks. The ‘relationship manager’ had recently left along with the relationship from the bank we were with.
Sasha focused on this project and put in some obvious and serious effort for a very positive outcome. All this time Sasha was patient with the logistics. We got through it and now enjoy a good relationship with two new bankers. Sasha also pre-negotiated a great head start when we are ready to grow into the next business. Personally, I prefer to build relationships with those I can trust and who become friends and also business colleagues. Therefore, I highly recommend Sasha.”
Paul Richards, CEO – Club Physical

"As first-time home buyers, it’s quite daunting not knowing what to do, but Sasha and Vicki made the process so smooth and simple for us! They answered any questions we had and kept us well informed throughout the whole process. Would absolutely highly recommend them."
Hamish and Misha Prakash

“My partner and I got in touch with Sasha and Vicki in 2017, when we were both in our early 20's and trying to navigate the crazy process of purchasing our first home. Sasha and Vicki have been nothing but upfront and supportive throughout the entire process, giving us clear and concise information and assisting us through the purchase of our first home, and recently our pre-approval to purchase a rental property. They've helped us immensely and we are grateful for their help over the previous years, and for many years to come.”
Jemma Smith and Mita Hokai-Mataia

“I cannot recommend Sasha and Vicki from Masters Home Loans enough. Coming from overseas with a big family and a rather complex financial situation, I needed a financial expert I could fully trust to manage my finances, especially help with a big home loan. After trying with bank directly and another individual broker, I found the perfect help in Sasha. The service I received was by far the best for my individual situation and has saved me heaps of money. Realistic goals were set and achieved. Vicki and Sasha have diligently and patiently explained their actions and always answered all my questions. I love their positive attitude, flexibility, and friendly communication. I am very grateful and couldn’t feel better cared for. My loan is in the best professional hands.”
Andreas Leinfellner, Paediatrician

“Talk about perseverance, with the loan market being what it is currently, we simply wouldn’t have achieved what we have without Sasha at Masters Home Loans. We had several properties fall through and also banks changing the rules, but Sasha stuck with us for over a year. We now have a beautiful piece of land and a loan to build on it thanks to Sasha and Vicki. Can’t thank them enough.”
David Perry & Lilia Koltsova

"As first-time home buyers in New Zealand, it was pretty daunting getting ourselves into a hugely competitive market. We were recommended Sasha from Masters Home Loans by a good friend who had nothing but positive things to say and he was not wrong. From our very first phone call, Sasha has been excellent. Whilst we had owned before in the UK, we had never been through a broker before, and we realised how much insight and expertise Sasha brings to the process. His knowledge of the loans market is superb and along with in-depth market reporting, he also takes the time to talk you through his reasonings and recommendations in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand - you don't have to have in-depth knowledge of financial markets to understand his recommendations. We completely trust the advice that Sasha provides and both Sasha and Vicki are an absolute pleasure to work with. We no longer dread mortgage renewal time and instead, look forward to Sasha's recommendations and the opportunities he provides to pay off our mortgage as fast as we can. I would highly recommend Sasha to anyone looking for mortgage advice and brokering."
Gavin Hirst and Carly Webster

“I have used the team at Masters Home Loans since 2017 and have obtained new lending twice now. I have had excellent experiences both times. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone seeking to purchase their first home, the level of effort and detail Sasha and Vicki put into making sure you have a sound understanding of the whole process is outstanding. It is no exaggeration to say that the Active Debt Management structure that Sasha setup was a major factor in allowing me to upgrade from my first home to my forever home in a few short years. I highly recommend Sasha and Vicki”
Tom Gallichan

“We’ve had a few mortgages over our lifetime, and this time we seem to have it under control so much more, thanks to Sasha and Vicki. This includes taking control of our spending and our saving. It is great to see we are controlling our mortgage, and it’s not the other way around!
Our KiwiSaver has been neglected in the past, as we just went with the opt in provider. After Sasha explained how KiwiSaver works, we can now see what benefits there are making an active choice that matches our individual needs.
Great people with a genuine interest in seeing us reduce our mortgage and work towards our goals”
Kelda and Rob Cawood

My point of difference

We take an approach of active debt management, setting up a specific loan structure at the outset that puts you in a position to pay your loan off sooner, without contributing more towards it.
We give you a comprehensive Mortgage Report summarising exactly what we’ve done for you and other financial planning areas.
Every year we review your progress, so you know exactly where you’re at on the plan to being debt -free.
So, if you don’t like Sasha and I, please don’t appoint or refer us, as we’re committed to our clients for the long haul!

My latest business news

A smarter loan structure and repayment strategy is what gets you ahead to pay down your loans faster and achieve your goals. Understanding the nuances of each specific bank loan products is a key part of this- all banking products are not created equal! What don't you know about your loans? Are you in control or is the bank? This is of particular importance in a higher interest rate environment.
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