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The Auckland City meets at Venus Businesswomen HQ 148A Great North Road Grey Lynn every second Wednesday 9.30am-10.30am.

The Leadership Team

Leadership Team: Facilitator
Name: Tamara Liebman
Business Name: Calibrate Legal
Industry: Commercial Law
Business Phone:
Email: tamara@calibratelegal.nz
Website: calibratelegal.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/calibratelegal

Meet the Group members

Name: Elina Lechtchinski
Business Name: Project Seven
Industry: Social Media consulting
Business Phone: 0211971222
Email: elina@projectseven.co.nz
Website: www.projectseven.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/12397
Name: Claire Waterworth
Business Name: Naked Aesthetics
Industry: Appearance Medicine
Business Phone: 0211479700
Email: claire@nakedaesthetics.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/Claire-Waterworth
Name: Megan Cunningham-Adams
Business Name: onionCRM
Industry: Computers & IT
Business Phone:
Email: megan@onioncrm.co.nz
Website: onioncrm.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/12872
Name: Emily Hall
Business Name: Good Beginnings
Industry: Acupuncture
Business Phone:
Email: Emily.hall@goodbeginningswellness.com
Website: www.goodbeginningswellness.com
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/EmilyHall
Name: Glenda Lewis
Business Name: Step Out. Transform
Industry: Education
Business Phone: 0223964420
Email: glenda.lewis@stepouttransform.com
Website: https://www.theleadershipacademy-glendalewis.com/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/glenda-lewis
Name: Nicola Rundle
Business Name: Mainstay
Industry: Insurance advising
Business Phone: 09 307 7078
Email: nicola@mainstaynz.com
Website: www.mainstaynz.com
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/nicolarundle
Name: Nadia Tutbury
Business Name: by Nadia.
Industry: Beauty Therapy
Business Phone: 0279503005
Email: bynadianz@outlook.com
Website: bynadianz.com
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/bynadianz
Name: Giulia Dondoli
Business Name: Total AML
Industry: Compliance
Business Phone: +64 021 0859 0042
Email: giulia@total-aml.com
Website: www.total-aml.com
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/Total-AML
Name: Ruth Boyes
Business Name: EMA
Industry: Community & Not for profit
Business Phone: 027 2619774
Email: ruth.boyes@ema.co.nz
Website: www.ema.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/14764
Name: monica chen
Business Name: uno property management
Industry: Property management
Business Phone: 0275599296
Email: monica@unoproperty.co.nz
Website: http://www.unoproperty.co.nz
Name: Olivia Baloghy
Business Name: Olivia Baloghy Consulting
Industry: Marketing Strategy
Business Phone: 0212224321
Email: olivia.baloghy@gmail.com
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olivia-baloghy-0904b032/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/oliviab
Name: Charlotte Joy
Business Name: BE Employment Law
Industry: Employment law
Business Phone: 0211766993
Email: cjoy@belaw.co.nz
Website: https://belaw.co.nz/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/14853
Name: Fiona Sole
Business Name: Sole Wig Works
Industry: Make up Artistry
Business Phone: 0211376049
Email: fionasolewigmaking@gmail.com
Website: www.solewigworks.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/Fiona
Name: Rahle Dusheiko
Business Name: Bija
Industry: Personal development
Business Phone:
Email: rahle@bija.co.nz
Website: www.bija.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/bija
Name: Pamela Dziwulska
Business Name: Salmond Reed Architects
Industry: Architecture
Business Phone: +64 9 445 4045
Email: pamelad@salmondreed.co.nz
Website: https://www.salmondreed.co.nz/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/15365
Name: Hedy Sheck
Business Name: NZHL Auckland City
Industry: Mortgage advising
Business Phone: 021 910 731
Email: Hedy.Sheck@nzhomeloans.co.nz
Website: https://nzhl.co.nz/find-us/auckland-city/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/hedysheck
Name: Lisa Gotlieb
Business Name: JAM Accountancy
Industry: Accountant
Business Phone:
Email: lisa@jamaccountancy.co.nz
Website: www.jamaccountancy.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/lisagotlieb
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