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The Waikanae meets at Tuk Tuk Waimea 1 Waimea Road Waikanae Beach every second Thursday 9.15am - 10.15am.

The Leadership Team

Leadership Team: Facilitator
Name: Rachel Dickinson
Business Name: Soulhaven Creative Productions
Industry: Video Production
Business Phone: 0277178481
Email: rachel@soulhaven.co.nz
Website: https://www.soulhaven.co.nz/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/soulhaven

Meet the Group members

Name: Steph Dyhrberg
Business Name: Steph Dyhrberg Barrister
Industry: Employment law
Business Phone: 0272803444
Email: steph@sdb.nz
Website: www.sdb.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/StephDyhrberg
Name: Lynda Millar
Business Name: Website Designer & Google Specialist
Industry: Website design
Business Phone: 021925829
Email: admin@ambrosemarketing.nz
Website: www.ambrosemarketing.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/ambrosemarketing
Name: Tara Lemana
Business Name: Tara Lemana
Industry: Copywriting
Business Phone: 0272588415
Email: hello@anthologywritingstudio.com
Website: https://www.anthologywritingstudio.com
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/taralemana
Name: Christa Engelbrecht
Business Name: Coastal Skin & Beauty
Industry: Skincare
Business Phone: 04 298 1321
Email: christa@beautyonkapitiroad.co.nz
Website: www.beautyonkapitiroad.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/beautyonkapiti
Name: Suzie Carrig
Business Name: Gin Lovers
Industry: Food and beverages
Business Phone:
Email: suzie@ginlovers.co.nz
Website: www.ginlovers.co.nz
Name: Vicki Payne
Business Name: Vertically Challenged Vertical Gardens
Industry: Landscape gardening
Business Phone: 021 118 6566
Email: vjp1822@outlook.com
Website: https://www.verticallychallenged.co.nz/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/14494
Name: Davina Houghton
Business Name: Elite Window Films
Industry: Property Services
Business Phone: 0800 22 44 00
Email: info@elitefilms.co.nz
Website: www.elitefilms.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/davinahoughton
Name: Susan Taylor
Business Name: Mike Pero Mortages
Industry: Mortgage advising
Business Phone:
Email: suemiriamtaylor88@gmail.com
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/14274
Name: Sue Scutter
Business Name: The Law Connection Ltd
Industry: Solicitor
Business Phone: (04) 902 5020
Email: sue@lawconnect.co.nz
Website: www.thelawconnection.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/SueScutter
Name: Angela Buswell
Business Name: Harcourts
Industry: Residential real estate
Business Phone:
Email: ange@superminx.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/14310
Name: Nikki Vause
Business Name: Andy Magee Plumbing
Industry: Plumbing
Business Phone: (04) 298-8454
Email: info@andymageeplumbing.co.nz
Website: www.andymageeplumbing.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/andymageeplumbing
Name: Samantha Esposito
Business Name: Stripped Electrical Ltd
Industry: Electrical
Business Phone: 0274726004
Email: office@strippedelectrical.co.nz
Website: www.strippedelectrical.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/strippedelectrical
Name: Dayna Bailey
Business Name: Elevation Homes
Industry: Building and renovation
Business Phone:
Email: dayna@elevationhomes.co.nz
Website: www.elevationhomes.co.nz
Name: Tina Budd
Business Name: See The Signs
Industry: Education
Business Phone: 02108813571
Email: Tina@seethesigns.co.nz
Website: www.seethesigns.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/TinaBuddSeeTheSigns
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