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The Ponsonby meets at The Longroom 114 Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1011 every second Thursday 9.30-10.30am.

The Leadership Team

Leadership Team: Facilitator
Name: Lucy Hudson
Business Name: Woodhouse IP
Industry: Intellectual property law
Business Phone: 02102773773
Email: lucy@woodhouseip.com
Website: www.woodhouseip.com
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/lucyghudson

Meet the Group members

Name: Shalini Singh
Business Name: Maurice Trapp Group
Industry: Insurance advising
Business Phone: 09-630-5884
Email: Shalini@mauricetrapp.com
Website: www.mauricetrapp.com
Name: Leigh Judd
Business Name: Pidgeon Judd
Industry: Commercial Law
Business Phone: 09 973 0798
Email: leigh@pjlaw.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/leighjudd
Name: Sharlene Ferguson
Business Name: Focal Point Photos
Industry: Photography
Business Phone: 0273438438
Email: info@focalpointphotos.co.nz
Website: www.focalpointphotos.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/focalpointphotos
Name: Mary-Ellen Hinton
Business Name: Hello Saturday
Industry: Interior design
Business Phone: 021868422
Email: Maryellen@hellosaturday.co.nz
Website: Www.hellosaturday.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/maryellen
Name: Rebecca Swaney
Business Name: Silverfox MGMT New Zealand - The Mature Age Modelling Agency
Industry: Public Relations
Business Phone: 64211783729
Email: rebecca@silverfoxmgmt.co.nz
Website: http://www.silverfoxmgmt.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/RebeccaS
Name: Kate Beilby
Business Name: Milieu
Industry: Architecture
Business Phone: 021 114 5895
Email: kate@milieu-arch.nz
Website: http://www.milieu-arch.nz/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/milieu
Name: Jill Godwin
Business Name: Godwin Design
Industry: Graphic design
Business Phone: (09) 360 5558
Email: jill@godwindesign.co.nz
Website: www.godwindesign.co.nz
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/11454
Name: Suzie Marsden
Business Name: amp'd careers limited
Industry: Career Development
Business Phone: 0273687698
Email: suzie@ampdcareers.com
Website: ampdcareers.com
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/suziemarsden
Name: Nicola Greene
Business Name: The Mortgage Basket
Industry: Mortgage advising
Business Phone:
Email: nicola@mortgagesupply.co.nz
Website: https://mortgagesupply.co.nz/our-team/nicola-greene/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/nicolagreene
Name: Francesca Alexander
Business Name: Social Global Grind LLC
Industry: Digital Marketing strategy
Business Phone: 021377110
Email: Francesca@socialglobalgrind.com
Website: https://www.socialglobalgrind.com/
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/francescaalexander
Name: Robyn Woods-Child
Business Name: Your Personal Stylist
Industry: Image consulting
Business Phone: 021886517
Email: robyn@yourpersonalstylist.co
Website: Not yet activated
Venus listing: venusbusinesswomen.co.nz/profile/15574
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