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Business overview

Four Stripes was incorporated In March 2019. Both Monique and I had worked together at a digital agency in Ponsonby. Evies role GM, Fundamentally building the business from the ground up. Monique - Lead Developer.

When we were both faced with having to take new directions we pulled together and launched a business that we now stand behind with a lot of pride. We truly offer a service that we happily attach our professional names too.

We start every day with a positive attitude and a can do state of mind. Our Customers and Potential customers to come are as important as our our business.

2023 has seen massive changes in our business and they way we onboard clients. Our Digital Roadmap is truly something that we are incredibly excited about!

I'd love to tell you more. Lets rave.

Products and services I offer

Four Stripes is an agency that specialises in Lead Generation and Marketing Automation.

We also offer single service projects as required.
This could include but is not limited to all digital services
Website Development & Hosting
Email Marketing and Automation
Social Media
Google Ads
Ai Automation

Why I'm in the Venus Network

To be supported, to support, to learn, to teach, to be empowered, to empower.

To build my business and help other like-minded women build their business in an environment that encourages success.

My gallery


Colin Boyle
14 reviews
2 months ago
4Stripes are a great, customer focused business to deal with. Having used them some time now, initially to update my website; then manage my Adwords marketing on an ongoing basis, I can wholeheartedly say that I have never had such well targeted campaigns that bring leads for exactly the right type of work that we do. No one else has done this in 13years of online marketing.
Thanks so much Evie and Monique.


Jarryd Ford-Manson

4Stripes have been instrumental in getting our AdWords and Google My Business performing not just well, but better than we expected. After a particularly bad experience with the first agency we used, Evie and Monique at 4Stripes have restored my faith in the industry. Evie is especially responsive and just as excited as we are about the good results we get.

Suzan Elmaz
4Stripes took over our account from another company that had been performing poorly and the improvement was immediate. We now have much more impact for our advertising dollar and our click through rates are much higher. Thanks so much Evie and team


Sam Cook
Very happy to recommend the 4Stripes team to anyone looking for prompt and professional digital services. our new website and social pages are looking incredible.


Nicholle Eyre
Evie and Monique have been great to work with. Highly recommended.

My point of difference

At Four Stripes we firmly believe that your business is as important if not more important as ours. Without our loyal customers there is no finish line.

We want to understand you and your business, the goals and milestones that you are working towards so that we can drive towards those together.

My latest business news

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