Jenny Aitken, Jenny Aitken Mortgages

Business overview

Mortgage help, advice and insight on restructuring your lending - investment properties, new purchase and first home buyers.

Products and services I offer

Refinancing and new purchase lending - with advice on structure etc.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

Great opportunity to network, meet inspiring woman, hear about businesses I didn't know about and get to know the women behind them.


"Love your emails and again thanks for all the hand holding - you have gone above and beyond!!" Louise April 2016

"I have no hesitation in referring you to people I know who are buying as my experience with you have been excellent.
My plan coming in is substantially different than what I am doing now and that is all because of solid advice from you!" Brent April 2016

My point of difference

Anyone can lend you money for a mortgage, but finding someone to help you set the best structure and work with you to achieve your financial goals, who is on your side, not the banks, that is where the 'win' is!

My latest business news

Best rates in recent history - plus cash contributions from lenders - it is win/win!!
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