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Business overview

Specialist Small Business Bookkeeping and Accounting Practice.

I love seeing my clients succeed in business with the peace of mind that comes from creating financially stable solid business that are able to withstand the up's and downs of life, know their finances, understand their tax, everything is accounted for, profit is maximised and be in the best position to grow their business from a solid foundation of financial success.

Products and services I offer

Bookkeeping - monthly services, GST returns, Payroll, PAYE, monthly accounts, creditors and debtor management.

Accounting Services - Annual Accounts and Tax Returns, Monthly Management Accounting, for contractors, sole trader, company, property rental, real estate agents.

Advisory Services - Cash Management, budgeting, cashflow forecasting, profit review.

Management Support Services - Business Review and Business Support, Business Recovery and Turnaround - 1 hour sessions. One off as needed or regular sessions throughout the year.

It is important to be able to chat about your business, explore ideas and options with someone who knows your business well, you can trust, you know has your back, and has a deep understanding of the mechanics of business.

Training - Start Right 2 hour zoom training for new business owners, xero training

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I find it easy to be an introvert, yet know it is really important for my wellbeing to connect with and surround myself with women who are courageously working to create maintain and grow their businesses, who uplift and inspire me while being open about the challenges we all encounter along the way.

My gallery


We have worked with Kim from Epiphany Accounting Solutions for a number of years and are hugely appreciative of her help and expertise when it comes to our small boutique arborist business. We find Kim approachable and we never feel silly about asking questions. If there has ever been a time when she wasn't 100% on something, she investigates and comes back to us with findings and her opinion.

Recently we have had a budgeting session with Kim as we are looking to expand our business and the benefits of being able to meet together and discuss the options for the business helps open our eyes and minds. Her approach is reassuring and that gives us confidence to move forward with our business having her on our team.
Nick & Amy
Stott & Co Tree Experts

Wonderful service! Kim is fast, personable, friendly, but most of all caring. She is constantly helping us better our business and most of all "understand it". It is not easy finding an accountant like this, we are so glad to have found her :)
Recommend to all!!
Kiwi Magic Ltd

Kim has been amazing. She has a wealth of knowledge and has got us on track to operating more efficiently. She is very patient though doesn't sugar coat things too much :-) we love having her looking out for us and our company.
Karl Berghan
Elite Medical Services Ltd

My point of difference

I bring a wealth of experience in accounting, business management, and a deep understanding mechanics of business to my small business clients. I make a point of communicating accounting and business concepts in everyday language as I consider it so important that small business owners understand the financial side of their business. It is important to me that my clients have a financially sound and robust business that is able to withstand the ups and downs of business, while providing a solid stable base for business growth.

I have many years of accounting experience as Management Accountant for medium and large companies in both NZ and London plus 10 years experience as a Film and Television Production Accountant for BBC Entertainment, BBC Drama, Carlton Television, Verity Lambert Productions, and Action Time Ltd in London.

From an early age I found myself fascinated with the human potential and personal development arena and went on to train with incredible teachers around the world in both general training and life and business coaching. What started as an interest quickly became a deep passion. This influences all my business support services.

Business Support Sessions, one off or regular zoom meetings. My clients find that combination of understanding the business owner, an understanding of their business and a deep understanding of the mechanics of business make for highly supportive sessions for business owners. As one client said when asked for a testimonial for these sessions. "Of course we will do that for you! We find it really helpful just chatting about our business and where we want to take it with someone who we know has our back, offers professional advice and we know would tell us straight if we came up with a crazy idea. We really appreciate it."

My latest business news

I am really excited to open up my Start Right New Business Owner Training (2 hour zoom) to the general public after encouraging feedback and success offering this training to business industry specific groups.

Please let your friends and family know if they are considering starting a business or new to business about this 2 hour zoom training.

Gain an overview and understanding of what is important to know when starting your business and avoid the costly mistakes others have made.
Includes; Sole trader vs Company, basic cash management, IRD requirements, why this matters and learn from the mistake of others so you can create a financially successful and stable business from the outset.

Covering the difference between sole trader and company (Ltd),shareholder and owner/manager, IRD tax requirements, GST, Paye, company and personal tax, profit and owner drawings, payroll, what is deductible and what is not, and so much more.

Check next training time and Book here
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