Lucy Hudson, Woodhouse IP

Business overview

Woodhouse IP is an Intellectual Property Law firm providing legal services to protect, enforce and commercialise your intellectual property, including your trade marks, copyright works, patents, designs, trade secrets and confidential information. Our services include:

- freedom to operate searching for new and existing brands/trade marks in New Zealand and overseas
- trade mark registration in New Zealand and overseas
- enforcing and/or defending your trade mark or other IP rights against third parties
- Intellectual Property related agreements such as confidentiality agreements and
license agreements
- assistance with brand creation

Products and services I offer

Intellectual property law services

Why I'm in the Venus Network

As I have a variety of clients in a number of industries I enjoy hearing about other peoples' fields of industry. As a business owner it's great to share ideas and learnings with other business owners and get different perspectives on issues that affect women in business and business in general. I also enjoy spending time with likeminded, positive, fun and interesting women!

My point of difference

I have worked in large law firms both in the UK and in New Zealand and have 24 years of experience in Intellectual Property law. At Woodhouse IP, because we are a smaller boutique firm we are able to offer a significant depth of experience but with lower fees than the large firms seeing as we don't have the overheads of a large firm. This makes us flexible and approachable without compromising our high professional standards.
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