Rebecca Stone, Stones Throw Coaching Ltd

Business overview

I help leaders get a life.
As a high achiever, I understand the buzz of ticking off all of the things on your ridiculously long "to-do" list and possibly sneaking a few more on there too.
But I found it got less and less satisfying as I achieved more.
I hadn't learned how to simply enjoy being and had removed most of the fun from my life.
So I made a change.
I now help others to make that change too.
If you are ready to get more balance in your life and find your joy - I can help.

Products and services I offer

Life coaching for leaders
One-on-one coaching
Group Coaching - Get a life program

My gallery

My point of difference

I understand that you are the expert in you - or you can be. I'm not here to tell you what or how to change - but if you want to change, I can help you discover what that looks like for you.
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