Our values are at the heart of everything we do at Venus — how we live, how we work and how we serve the New Zealand business community. This culture provides a foundation to achieve our purpose: to support New Zealand women in business to thrive. Within the Venus community we value:


We practice honest, real communication. We communicate openly about what we are doing and honestly about our assessments and feelings. Our communication allows for real feedback, transparency and growth. This value in action includes:

  • Honest in a gentle, kind and constructive way
  • Being honest about what works best for you in RAVEs
  • Referring with intent and integrity
  • Being truthful
  • Asking questions to clarify what the business is about
  • Giving positive feedback about how great things are


We generously contribute and give. We make a positive difference to others by giving and contributing with joy, selflessness and love. Our generous giving enriches our life with meaning, fulfilment and happiness. We share recommendations and referrals with sincerity. This value in action includes:

  • Always being early and prepared to help at meetings
  • Be focused, timely and present with RAVES
  • Assisting and mentoring each other
  • Knowing when to keep quiet at meetings and RAVE’s
  • Welcoming guests
  • Recognising everyone’s unique skill set and allowing everybody to share


We do what we say we’ll do. We hold each other accountable to act from strengths and in integrity with the future we are committed to creating. We walk the talk. Every goal set at Venus is tied to our purpose of supporting the evolution of women in business in New Zealand. This value in action includes:

  • Being honest in representing ourselves
  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Respecting one profession rule
  • Keeping to time eg: minute promo spot speaking is 1 minute
  • Following through on referrals
  • Attend all meetings and RAVEs
  • Living up to your commitment with raves and referrals


We build sincere, respectful relationships. In recognition of our interdependence we commit to building sincere, respectful and cooperative business relationships. We value each other, our time and our life paths. This value in action includes:

“The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of your attention” Jim Rohn.

  • Acknowledge and encourage one another
  • Be patient and accept others for the journey they are on
  • Be supportive and kind
  • Respecting meeting agenda and each others one minute promos
  • Show caring and openness


We facilitate collaborative business relationships and look for opportunities to work together to support one another achieve success. We focus on teamwork to build a strong, empowered community. We remain open to learning and growing. We hold a space for what is not yet known and what lies in the unimagined. We bring purpose, passion, and commitment to the larger vision of the network. This value in action includes:

  • Attend member collaboration events
  • Working together as a leadership team by recognising others strengths
  • Inter-group collaborate with members in similar industries
  • Regional Managers mentoring and supporting nationwide
  • Working toward a common goal of supporting each other in business
  • Being prepared for meetings (topic, RAVES, referrals, wins – use handbook)