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Welcome to October!

It’s been fantastic to see some sun, and I’m enjoying my Vitamin D fix, as I hope you are!
We’re in the middle of the school holidays and hope those Mums amongst us are enjoying their wee ones while still managing to get to meetings!
We had our Annual Venus Conference last month, with all the Regional Managers and Academy trainers from around the country.
We looked at the incredibly exciting year ahead and how we can improve and keep innovating to ensure Venus is delivering what businesswoman in NZ need. Watch this space!

Facilitator Change Over

The faciliatory changeover has started happening this week so make sure you support them as they settle into their roles.

Business Thought

Innovation, innovative thoughts help our businesses stay fresh and relative to our markets and ensures ongoing growth.
Here are some signs you are an innovative business:
1. You look at where you are relative to your competitors, understand what your clients want and need

2. You consult with your clients they will always be your best source of feedback. You ask them what they think, do they have any ideas of how you can do things better, are there any other products or services they’d like to access through you?

3. You collaborate, talk to the people that you work alongside and get their perspective, they are generally in similar but not competitive fields and again may be able to see gaps more easily than you can

4. You’ve developed a plan to promote innovation in your business; it might be improving a process of asking for feedback

5. You are open to ideas and adaptive to change it’s exciting and incredibly motivating


Successful Raves

Reminder – Partners not prospects! We don’t have to and shouldn’t be hard selling in our Raves.
Yes, it’s about hearing about each other’s businesses so we can refer you if we like and trust you. That won’t happen if we feel pressured. In fact, the opposite result will occur.
80/20 as a guide, sharing so much, as woman do, keep in mind you’re there for business! Talk 80% business 20% personal.
Ask questions? How can you support each other? How can you best communicate their business message for referrals and how would you like to receive these?

Dates for your diary – Fantastic Networking Opportunities!

Venus After 5


19th October – After 5 Event – Home Ideas Centre – 37 Mandeville St, Riccarton – 5.30 – 7.30pm
Hosted this time by Kimberly and Ally from Land Partnerships this will be a fantastic opportunity to get a great idea of what they do and enjoy the other networking activities of the evening that will ensure you get to talk to everyone in the room!
Limited numbers – BOOK NOW on the Eventbrite link below.
Eventbrite - Venus Christchurch After 5 - Sponsored by Kimberley Roger – Land Partnerships and Land Homes
30th October -Collaboration Workshop – 12-2.15pm – Venue to be advised – Watch FB to book
This is one of my favourite workshops because I’ve heard some great conversations, ideas shared, and some fantastic collaborations as a result of the opportunity this workshop offers.
So get out your diaries ladies, the kids will be back at school, and I look forward to supporting you in your business growth.

6th November -Power Hour – 12 – 1.30pm – Venue to be advised – Watch FB to book
Thursday 30th November – Drinks and Dinner – More details to follow

Mark the dates and keep an eye on Facebook to book.

Have a great month,
Maree Bryant
Venus Network South Island Regional Manager
Email Maree
m:: 027 474 1479


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