Current Meeting Topic

Share your 1 minute promo pitch with the group, maybe ask for feedback.

Your Elevator Pitch, 1 Min promo

Here is a recap of the last education topic:

Your Elevator Pitch, 1 Min promo

At the next meeting, we will be perfecting our 1 minute promo. Remember your business introduction is often how your members will introduce you to your potential clients. This is great to remind them what you would like them to say.

Whether you are at a networking event, in line at the shops or waiting to pick up your children, there are always opportunities for you to talk about your business. Here are some tips to prepare for the next meeting.

Educate the members
When it is your turn to introduce yourself it is important to understand that this is your opportunity to
“TEACH” the other members how to sell you to their networks. Give them the words they can use to refer you! What you say at this time is the only information the other members will have.
What makes you unique?
Include the details of your product and/or service that set you apart from your opposition. What is your unique selling proposition?
Rave about yourself
Do not be afraid to “blow your horn” a little. What may sound a little egotistical coming out of your mouth, will sound great coming out of someone else’s!
Speak strongly and confidently
Somewhere deep down we are all a little nervous about speaking in front of others. If you feel nervous, take advantage of this opportunity to practice in front of a friendly and supportive group so you may be fluent when you need to “perform” in front of prospective clients. Trust that, if you do “stuff-up” no-one will be judging you in this group of your peers.
Call To Action
One option is to finish off on a call to action or maybe a special offer or something that will encourage people to ‘trial’ your product or service.
Make Yourself Memorable
The more creative and memorable you are during your one minute promo spot the longer you will stay in your members minds. Get as creative as you like.
Bring your business to life with stories, anecdotes, and case studies. It’s one thing to list your products and services – it’s quite another to humanise them with real-life situations. Tell your group how you’ve solved specific client problems.
Be memorable! Think outside the box! Get creative with ways you can showcase your business!

Education Topic

Success – How can we achieve success and what exactly is it?

I have been thinking about success and what it means. I decided to do a random survey of people I perceive as highly successful people; they generally told me that success involved things like vision, goals, passion, persistence and systems. Sound familiar?

It seems a lot of people seem to be looking for some mysterious and ever-elusive secret to success beyond what they already sense to be important. The truth is, there is no great mystery. In fact, very often, “success is simply the uncommon application of common knowledge.”

When you hear successful people talk about the secret of their success, have you noticed that you rarely hear any real secret? What you do hear about is their unwavering adherence to some system or approach they believed in and followed with intensity and determination.

Successful people focus on the goal and work through or around everything else. In sports, this is called “keeping your eye on the ball.”  They do this with a passion and a vision – and they do it with persistence.

Even when the ideas are simple and easy to understand, they often don’t get implemented, because people think there must be something more.

Success comes to those who have not only a passion and a vision but who also have a persistence and a commitment to perform the fundamentals over and over, continuing to work and learn until they can perform these fundamentals flawlessly. In the end, success is not about being different or having secret knowledge – everybody knows what the goal is and how to achieve it. This is common knowledge, and it’s been around for a long, long time. Success is about knowing these things and having the will to go after them without giving up, making excuses, or getting sidetracked.

Carolyn Banks, CEO


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