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Think developing your ‘leadership’ skills won’t matter to your business as an entrepreneur or solo-preneur? Think again. Investing in uplevelling your ability to influence and lead can not only help you share your big vision, it can also support better decision-making and help you extend your impact! Read the article below and considering sharing with your group how YOU could benefit by investing in yourself.

Leadership – the Powerhouse Skill for Small Business Success By Jennifer Myers

In the world of small business ownership, leadership isn’t just a skill – it’s the lifeblood of our success. For women like us, leadership means embodying a mindset that can propel us forward, help us navigate challenges and encourage us to seize opportunities.

Here are a few of my thoughts on how developing our leadership skills can help us achieve our goals – whether we lead a team of 1 (ourselves) or many!

Leadership Powers Our Vision

Leadership skills help us to not only visualise our goals but also to articulate them so that we can create a plan to bring them to life.

We Lead By Example

As small business owners we often demonstrate our leadership skills not necessarily through our teams’ results but by BEING a great example and influence. We do this through our work ethic, our transparency and our dedication. We inspire others through our example.

Communication Lies At the Heart of Leadership

Our ability to inspire, share our vision and connect with others is the key to our professional longevity. Building and nurturing relationships with other small business owners, suppliers, and potential collaborators is a hallmark of effective leadership. These connections can open doors to partnerships, collaborations, and shared resources that can propel us forward.

Leadership Skills Support Effective Decision-Making

Without a large team around us, we often make critical decisions on our own. When we develop our leadership skills, we improve our judgment, our risk assessment, and our ability to make decisions confidently. Building our leadership skills also helps us to navigate the constant changes that seem to come with the territory of business ownership.

Leadership Development Is A Journey, Not A Destination

A true leader recognizes that learning is a lifelong journey. As leaders, investing in our own growth is not only an act of self-improvement but also a strategic move for our businesses. Whether it’s staying updated on industry trends, refining our relationship-building or technical skills, or seeking coaching, our commitment to personal development is a key to our success.

Leadership Extends Us

As female entrepreneurs, we’re part of a vibrant community of women shaping local and national economies and industries. Our buying power and influence as a collective is massive. Developing our leadership skills enables us to advocate for change, share our experiences with the next generation of entrepreneurs, and contribute to the overall empowerment of women in business. Our collective ‘voice’ then becomes a catalyst for driving equality, gender diversity and inclusion, and a different way of doing business. What amazing ripple effects we can have simply by levelling up our leadership!

As female entrepreneurs, we are the embodiment of leadership in action. Our vision, resilience, adaptability, and commitment set us apart. I encourage you to embrace your leadership potential. Cultivate it, nurture it, and let it shine. You are not just running a business; you’re leading a movement. Your leadership is the secret sauce that propels your small business to thrive in the competitive landscape, creating a legacy of success for yourself and inspiring a new generation of female entrepreneurs.

I’m Jennifer Myers. I own Gener8 Leadership Solutions and 90 Day Divas, Ltd. Through GLS, I help leaders and teams enhance their effectiveness in leadership, communication, and sales by creating customized training solutions that increase individual impact and drive greater profitability for the wider business. Älong with my fellow 90 Day Divas, I support women to launch new businesses.

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Introduction to Meeting Topic:

Have you ever doubted yourself or your abilities? Of course! We all have at some point in our lives. But that doubt holds us back in so many ways that we often don’t even realise. Every one of us is a leader – of our business, our family and of those who look to use for direction. But when we doubt ourselves, we diminish that influence! Focusing instead on our value, our worth and our worthiness is the key to successful leadership in life and business. Read the article below contributed by Mandy Beverley. In it, she shares 7 great reasons to step into ‘unwavering self-belief’. In your 60-second introduction, consider sharing your take on how self-belief has impacted your journey as a leader and influencer – OR if it could use a little work!

Unlocking The Potential Of Worth And Value: Shaping The Path To Success And Fulfilment by Mandy Beverley

In the dynamic area of entrepreneurship and leadership women can face numerous external challenges but oftentimes the biggest hurdle lies in their inability to recognise the profound benefits of coming to grips with their own worth and value. This can determine the trajectory of their success, influence and fulfilment. Just imagine if women stood in the unwavering self-belief. A picture begins to emerge of power, possibility and change – for herself, her business, her work and her family.

Let’s take a look at seven ways unlocking your worth and value can impact your life:
1.Unlocking your potential. – when women believe in themselves they unleash a spring of potential within themselves. They take initiative, set longer term goals and become more self-reliant. This internal shift enables them to tap into their strengths they didn’t even know they had, fueling innovation, resilience and growth in their business.

2.Increased confidence – embracing self-worth leads to a boost in confidence that is transformative. The new found confidence permeates every aspect of business, from decision-making to networking, enabling women to navigate challenges with greater ease and conviction.

3.Improved Decision-Making – With a solid understanding of their worth women entrepreneurs make decisions aligned with their true value. They’re less likely to undervalue their services or settle for less, leading to more profitable and fulfilling business outcomes.

4.Better Boundaries – knowing your worth fosters and maintains boundaries. Women leaders become skilled at saying no to situations that don’t serve their best interests, resulting in a healthier work- life balance and reduced overwhelm and resentment.

5.Richer Relationships: A woman who knows her worth attracts relationships – both personal and professional- that respect and value her contribution. This leads to collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships and a more supportive personal life.

6.Heightened influence: A woman standing firm in her worth commands respect (from herself and others). She becomes a beacon of inspiration influencing others around her – be it employees, colleagues or other women entrepreneurs – to do the same.

7.Greater fulfilment: Ultimately, knowing your worth and stepping into your power leads to a deeper sense of fulfilment. Women leaders and entrepreneurs who value themselves are more likely to pursue ventures and opportunities that align with their purpose and what they love to do. This extends beyond the conventional metrics of success.

Embracing your worth and potential isn’t just beneficial – it’s the key to unlocking a remarkable life and business.

Don’t let self-doubt and perceptions about your self-worth hold you back from realising your full potential as a leader in your business, your family and your community.

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