Building value in your business requires strong self-belief and a deep understanding of the customers you serve. Truly believing in and connecting with your value is a driving force for business success.

Those who are successful in business overcome any doubts they may hold about the value they provide. They take steps to deeply connect with their ideal customers and to serve them as best as they possibly can.

Here are 5 top tips to creating success through building value in your business:

Challenge the self-limiting beliefs you hold about yourself. Beliefs are so powerful in shaping our actions. Challenge any self-sabotaging beliefs you may hold about your abilities to succeed in your business.

Build beliefs that serve you. Our brains will seek out evidence to support our beliefs, whether negative or positive.  Therefore, create thinking patterns that positively support what you want to create in your life and your business.

Understand your ideal customer. Often we try to make an offer to suit every possible customer. We try to shape our value to serve many people – running the risk of providing something generic, which causes us to compete on both price and market share.

If you really understand your ideal customer (the customer you love to work with, that you know well and whom highly values what you do) then you can connect with them on a deeper level than your competition. When you do this, you are serving a niche market and you are less likely to be competing on price.

Build a strong vision of the value you provide to your customers. Visualisation is a powerful mindset tool. Stepping up and owning the value you provide to your ideal customers is strongly supported by visualising how you can serve your customers in innovative and useful ways.

Focus on creating value rather than making money. If you can provide perceived benefits to your customers that they truly value, then money and success will follow.

Create a solid plan for success. Once you have truly connected with and believe in the value you provide, you need to develop the right plan to make it happen. You need to strategically decide the next steps to take your business forward.

How will you connect with your ideal customers? How can you clearly articulate your value to them? How can you make a compelling offer that they find hard to resist?

Take Action! Too many business owners don’t get out there and actually make it happen. Once you truly believe in the value you provide and you can clearly see how to use this to serve your ideal customers, then success is about having the courage and persistency to take action. Success comes to those who seek it. Just go for it!


By Lori Bradley

Lori Bradley Group

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