When you step into that powerful meeting –  when you know this is your ultimate chance to win the client that you have been building your brand for, the one you have been dreaming to have on your books –  you’re excited yet nervous; you’re tired from the long hours you’ve been putting in and you’ve had no time to think of anything but this meeting….  argh!  AND, how about what you are wearing?  Have you put time into remembering that you, yes you are the walking representative of your Personal Brand? Do you feel confident, powerful and amazing in what you are wearing and how you look? Are you wearing an outfit that is appropriate, does it resonate with your brand, does it allow you to be your authentic self, can you stand loud and proud and know that it makes you feel confident, that you have reached your full potential when you step into that limelight!!

You have mere seconds to make your first impression, and creating a long lasting impression matters just as much. When you feel good on the outside you feel good on the inside. Confidence is key in delivering your expertise and knowing that you are dressed appropriately will help you all the way.

What you wear doesn’t have to be expensive, ‘Designer’ nor the latest most high-end fashion, but it does need to work for you and who you are and what you do in both your professional and your personal life.

Like most things, education is key.  When it comes to how you present yourself, learning and educating yourself in what works for the ‘UNIQUE YOU’ will benefit you in all that you do and give you the confidence to deliver your expert knowledge. Top to toe is the key – leave no stone unturned. Hair, skin, makeup and wardrobe… these are all integral parts to getting it right.

Why not stand out and be remembered for not only your professional work but your professional image? It’s ok if you are remembered for (besides your amazing work) that amazing jacket that you had on or that awesome colour you wore or the stylish boots you were wearing.  Being remembered for positive reasons is what we want! The key to all of this however is making sure it is right for you and for what you are wanting to represent and be remembered for.

There is nothing worse than being prepared for that ideal client, the seminar you are running or the dinner you have been invited to at the last minute and panic that you have nothing to wear or nothing ‘appropriate’ to wear. Turning up with an inappropriate outfit could reflect poorly on you and negatively affect the outcome. Stepping into that meeting, on stage for the seminar or for dinner in an outstanding well-thought-out outfit that works for ‘you’ will result in a positive outcome.

Having a wardrobe plan is key. Having outfits for these occasions is key. Having back-ups is key. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be hard… it’s simply being educated in what is right for you and your brand. Statistics say we wear only a small percentage of our wardrobe. It is a waste to the environment and to our wallets. This waste is often because items don’t fit or because the colours don’t work for us. The outcome of wearing these items would be that they don’t feel amazing when they are worn so they are left hanging in our over-cluttered wardrobes collecting dust.

I challenge you to have a good honest look at your wardrobe, and pull out those items that you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. Once you’ve done that, identify if you could use them or what you need to do with them (and you have several options!):

  • Perhaps the garment is ‘OK’ but you don’t know how to wear it – do you need help?
  • Are there mixing and matching opportunities with these garments?
  • What was it that you loved about it when you bought it, and do you still feel the same way?

OR is it time to…

  • Drop them to a recycle shop to be on-sold and re-loved
  • Donate them because you know they no longer work for you, and you’d rather someone else got enjoyment from them.

Many people have found that fresh inspiration and confidence to drive them to the top of their profession through how they Brand themselves and through what they wear. They look better, they feel better, they perform better.

Johanna-May Manks is a professional stylist and specialist at helping the unique ‘you’ shine through in your professional wardrobe and image. Find out more about how she helps her clients here: https://www.johanna-may.co.nz/