Health is wealth- How to protect the most valuable asset in your business? By Rachel Marks from All Active

When you think about your business, what do you consider to be the most important asset? Many will think first about their staff, their premises, their car or perhaps any equipment they require daily to operate their business effectively.

But, the most important and irreplaceable asset is you. Have you considered how your business could continue to operate if you were too sick to work? Are you neglecting your health because you don’t consider it a priority or are just too busy? Often, it’s not till we lose that thing we take for granted that the penny drops.

Health coach and Personal Trainer Rachel Marks strives to be the best role model for her clients and other business owners. She is passionate about supporting other women to maintain great health whilst operating a thriving business.

  1. Your Motivator: Firstly, you need to know your why and your perfect outcome. If you were fitter, stronger, and more energetic what else would you be doing that you don’t have the energy for now in your business?
  2. Move: Exercise doesn’t have to be just a solid 30-60 minutes per day. Bouts of movement frequently throughout the day are just as effective. Perform a few squats while you are waiting by the printer or balance on one foot whilst on the phone. Take a walking meeting during the day and climb the stairs instead of getting in the lift. Standing desks are helpful too as you could march on the spot while you are working. Exercise makes you smarter which is a great asset to have in your business.
  3. Hydrate: If you are living on coffee and sugary drinks that can have a negative effect on your sleep and your thinking. Every system in the body needs water to function well. Try warm water with lemon and even herbal teas. A good test for hydration is by midday your urine should be light in colour.
  4. Manage stress: Develop some strategies for lowering stress by practicing diaphragmatic (belly) breathing and meditation. If you are chasing the metaphorical tiger all day, chances are your body is in a sympathetic state. This means your body won’t be rejuvenating and digesting properly. Our bodies are not designed for long bouts of stress and failing to address this can lead to burnout.
  5. Sleep is everything. We all need to get between 7-9 hours and the exact time will vary between body types. It’s important to ensure you switch off screens at least 60 minutes before sleep as the blue light reduces the hormone melatonin or your sleep hormone. Do something relaxing before sleep such as meditation, reading a book, or offloading some thoughts into a note pad. Whatever you do never take any work into the bedroom.
  6. Avoid high sugar and salty food or cut them down substantially. They will actually cause inflammation and stress in your body, deplete your mental and physical energy and raise your risk of developing a wide range of diseases. Eat a variety of fresh foods with lots of colour.

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