The importance of prioritising all of your follow-ups in business
Vanessa Davey – Creator of the Venus Academy Programmes

If you’re not going to follow up with potential or current clients fast, then you might as well stop spending any time or energy finding or meeting them in the first place. People are busy. You need to be the one to get back in touch with people when it’s about you doing business with them.

Following up quickly creates momentum, and keeps your conversation with a client fresh in their mind. You are more likely to get the result you want when you move quickly on to the next step.

If you have agreed to send out information or call them to follow up, do it immediately. Make sure you call exactly when you said you would. Even though your potential client may not remember when you said you would call back, by doing so, you create trust. This also creates urgency; if you are urgent the potential client may also respond urgently allowing you to get your goal sooner.

For some of you following up with a potential client or calling an old client to see if they need your services or products again, is a stretch out of your comfort zone. What I know about business is that the things that take you further out of your comfort zone, are the things that will grow your business the fastest. Yes, it might take some courage, but if you don’t prioritise your follow ups, then you are most likely letting sales walk out your door.


Write a list below of all the people that you have been avoiding or have forgotten about or simply have been too nervous to follow up. And write the ‘best case scenario’ outcome you’d like to see from the follow up:



Make the decision today to follow up all of these people this week. It will clear any flow or money block you may be experiencing and get you back onto the success path.


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