Hi Ladies, gosh these monthly new letters seem to come round really quickly – I swear someone has the ‘zoom’ button on at the moment, the weeks and the months keep disappearing. The good news though is that I’m heading to Fiji for a week’s R&R next week, it’s been a busy year thus far and with conference coming up its only going to get busier, so a little ‘me’ time is a must (although I’m thinking business planning with a cocktail in hand is also an appealing idea!)

So what have I been up to since you heard from me?

Well, Venus, as you are all aware Venus now has a proper, grown-up office! Anna Beverley and I have been working hard and got a lot of the behind the scenes stuff sorted and process in place that will see things running very smoothly moving forward.

The one thing we have done is put a process in place around the social media and Venus Academy side of things. Well, Anna has anyway – she’s taken a whole lot off my plate and moved us forward rather quickly. We are now up and running on Instagram as well as FB, and because of that, as well as NZ Businesswomen’s Conference, we are getting a lot more noticed online We’ve also done some magic behind the scenes so that we get seen more often as well – amazing what you can do!

Additionally, I’ve been working hard on our charitable status, which, dare I say it is hopefully just around the corner. There is a mountain of legal and financial hoops to have to jump through, but we’re on the home straight. I’ve had my commitment to our charitable status queried and questioned every which way from all sorts of quarters, but it’s only succeeded in making more and more sure it is what is right for Venus moving forward.

Venus Training Academy

Our workshops continue in most regions with ‘Seal the Deal’ our sales training workshop successfully again in Wellington and Keys to Successful Marketing already run in Auckland, with Waikato and Hawkes Bay happening early September.

We are programming our Business Planning workshop in most regions for the last couple of months of 2018; this is a good one to do in preparation for Summer School and a fantastic 2019. We are also working on the programme for the first six months of next year in each region to help with ‘forward planning’. If you’re keen to find out any more either speak to your local Regional Manager or drop me an email.

All the detail about what is on where can be found via the Eventbrite tag on the website, it will show you what is going on where. You have two options for payment, either full payment up front or 50% deposit and then 50% seven days before the workshop.
Remember, the best investment you can make is in yourself!

Venus Networking

Member Success and Power Hour, as well as Collaborative Teams, is also being run by the VRM’s and Academy coaches nationwide over the next couple of months.

Zoom Power Hour and Member Success workshops seem to be taking off – these have been set up specifically for our remote groups but seem to be popular with all. It’s another way to learn and network, albeit with women from all over NZ.

The number of guests registering on the website is great; you are apparently out singing Venus’s praises, also having our profile raised as a result of NZ Businesswomen’s Conference seems to be working by attracting more people to Venus (don’t you love it when a plan comes together!)

Free Month

Please, please, please register your guests rather than inviting them along to the meeting. You don’t know who else is booked to turn up, the last thing we want is two people in the same category in the same meeting!

Think about the women you do business with. The power of the community is the community and as we grow and change our ability to work alongside, help and collaborate with one another increases as well. The more of us that there are, the more we can support, encourage and motivate one another, step up and run amazing businesses.

A reminder that for each person you refer to Venus you get a one-month free membership when they’ve joined and paid their membership fee. Get them to register online or put them in touch with your Regional Manager. They MUST mention you in their registration (which is why I would personally do it myself!)

Venus Magazine

Planning is well underway for the next magazine, due out straight after Conference at the beginning of November. This magazine will be going to all our members, our to our database of 6000 as well as to all Conference attendees, so its reach will be a little wider than normal.

This is our Xmas/Summer issue if you want to put Xmas specials in get in touch. The theme for the magazine is Success and Growth. I have the covergirl, and the lead article sorted, along with a few editorial articles from members, but if you’re keen to submit something, please drop me an email. A lot of our advertisers are going in the magazine again so if you’re eager on an advertising spot also please get in touch sooner rather than later.

If you do advertise in the magazine you can’t just advertise and expect the phone to start ringing, you need to make the most of it, send it to clients, feature it on your website and FB pages, visit groups and promote yourself. Much like your investment in networking you need to do the work to support the investment.

Inspiring Business Women

We are now also featuring these on our Instagram page as well as on our FB pages and website so don’t miss out on promoting yourself and your business. No point being a secret, that won’t bring clients to you! Fill in this link, and tell us all about yourself!

NZ Business Women’s Conference


Woohoo, we’re getting closer, and I’m getting more and more excited. So many amazing things and people coming together in one spot (think I might need to medicate myself I’m so excited!)

9 weeks to go now – registrations are going really well with probably a third of them being non-Venus members which is great. We’ve also set NZBW up on Instagram and interest there is high – I know I keep saying it but it feels like it’s going to be a Venus meeting on steroids! Lots of fun things planned, lots of little secrets of what will happen over the two days – I sometimes feel fit to burst with all the wonderful things planned – I’m not very good at keeping secrets, that hardest part at the moment for me is keeping ‘mum’ about everything as I don’t want to spoil it for you!

Remember the reason we’re doing conference is about you our members. I want to provide something more to you over and above your networking and training and development. The idea behind the conference is to showcase Venus as a business and raise the profile of Venus to businesswomen, and in the business community as a whole. We, and by default, you don’t want to be a secret in the business world in NZ. As we raise the profile of Venus that will have a positive impact on the community as a whole.

20 amazing speakers and 6 workshops over two days. Full conference tickets are extremely good value at $485 (GST inclusive) and cover the whole two days as well as dinner/drinks and networking on the Friday night, lunch, morning and afternoon teas on both days, with the Sunday lunch being a long lunch to wind conference down. You also have the option of day two only or dinner and networking only.
We also have an exhibition area where businesses will be able to promote themselves, I’ve approached some members who I have thought this would work for but if this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch. I think there are still a few spots left.

If you haven’t already please go and like the NZ Businesswomen’s FB page and spread the word far and wide for me.

Our PR plan kicks in on my return from Fiji (no co-incidence, I’ll be tanned, relaxed and looking fabulous!) Love for you to support this Conference either by coming along or by promoting it via your own social media and with your own clients – ideally come along and tell them they have to come along with you!

Remember Venus is here for you if you need help grow and develop your business, if you need help with something ask. Go to the free workshops, network with as many people as often as you can, RAVE with at least one person a week, book a POWER RAVE with your VRM or Venus Academy Coach – just get stuck in! Your business and bank account will thank you I can promise you! A positive attitude and a little hard work with only see success!

Better go now and pack for sun, sea, sand and snorkelling, if we’re friends via FB I apologise in advance for my gloaty posts, but I plan to relax and enjoy myself in beautiful surroundings thoroughly!

I love my what I do and continue to be excited and motivated by all the incredible things that are happening, and the support that you give one another, it does make my heart sing (and my eyes leak sometimes!)

Until next month my gorgeous gals!
Carolyn x

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