Hello my gorgeous Venusians, wow it’s mid September already!

Well, another month has past and someone the other day mentioned that dreaded word to me – Xmas! I feel like this year has gone January, Feb, COVID, Sept …!

As you’ll be aware in Auckland we’ve had restrictions on for most of August, with our networking meetings having to go back on to Zoom. The good news is that as at yesterday we can actually see one another and sit around a table together.

Again I’ve witnessed women coming together, supporting one another, collaborating, encouraging and motivating one another. It really is the strength of our community and it’s all thanks to you!

You will have seen, via the meetings, that we’ve run out some new education topics for you that are more suited to our current situation. We’re continuing to do these – any suggestions gratefully accepted! We were also going to be running a national Collaborative Teams late September, but have now pushed that out until after the school holidays in October. Keep an eye open as it will be open to the first 30 that register only.

So what have I been up to?

Let’s just say my Zoom account has had a hammering! Other than doing the Venus ‘on the business’ stuff I have once again been spending most of my time, other than of course doing the running Venus stuff, doing POWER RAVES – WHICH I LOVE! I really enjoy finding out about you and your business and helping you figure out how you can use the power of the network to grow and develop your businesses and improve your networking.

I’ve also been working with our ‘Business Boost’ clients actively, with Jen Myers, to figure out how specifically we can help their business grow and develop.

Behind the scenes we’ve been doing our 2021 planning – fasten your seatbelts – it’s gonna be a great one (well 2020 won’t be hard to beat really will it?)

Venus Training Academy

Our Academy workshops have become more popular over COVID as a lot of you are obviously working on the business while dealing with a global pandemic. Remember if you’re a six month member workshops are $195.00 plus GST and for a 12 month member they are $162.50 plus GST – if you’re keen to look at these we also have payment plan options.

We’re still finalising all our stuff with Regional Partners as a provider of programmes and workshops for any businesses interested. It’s been quite a process but were hoping to have it all done by the end of September. Some of our programmes have 100% funding because of COVID – YAY – that works well for you and for us!  We’re also finalising the ‘back office’ function, we want to make it as easily as possible for all involved!

If you’re interested in anything the Academy has to offer drop me an email and we can have a chat and take it from there!

Remember the Venus Training Academy is there to run group training in an environment that sees you alongside other women who are looking for the same learning and advice. It’s very much about the learning and brainstorming alongside like-minded women in a supportive environment.

Remember, the best investment you can make is in yourself!

Venus Networking

Done a Member Success or Power Hour – if you haven’t make sure you do one sooner rather than later. These are all available via Zoom and are a great way to network not only with people inside your region but also with the wider national network.

If you’re a long time member – do it again! They change and develop and again worst case scenario you get to network with people who are new to Venus and who you don’t know!

Remember networking is all about getting involved, meeting people, contributing, brainstorming – if you do all these things you’ll get I promise you. Each of these are run by different VRM’s each time so will never be the same.


Well, we’re back to almost normal as at yesterday so time to buckle down, work hard and plan to succeed! We have a backlog of businesswomen who were waiting for the Alert Levels to be lowered so don’t be surprised if you see guests at your meeting. Remember to think about who you want in your group, who would help you and the current members network and promote your businesses more effectively? Who do you want to collaborate with – invite them along!

Let’s also address the ‘elephant in the room’ – COVID! There’s no doubting that 2020 businesswise has been a challenge for us all. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in one of those movies you see on TV and think – my god that’s so far fetched it could never happen – AND IT DID! As a Venus member, you are a very important part of our network and yes, we do give a s**t about one another! The women in your group, as well as the Venus management team, are there to support you in any way we can. Ask for help, don’t be embarrassed if you feel you need to, there’s no shame in admitting your struggling. As human beings, we need one another and leaning on people is natural and normal – after all what is life all about really? It’s contributing, getting involved and working together that makes it that little bit easier – and a lot more fun as well! Remember, self-care is as important right now as anything else. As women, as mums, daughters and partners we often put everyone before ourselves. Taking care of yourself will ensure you take care of everything and everyone else.😊

Carolyn x

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