Hi Ladies, well winter is well and truly on us isn’t it, brrrr… as much as I love summer, something is comforting about getting back into boots and winter gear, and I’ll admit my new faux fur addiction is coming along rather nicely!
Apologies for the lack of contact, I just realised over the weekend that I never got a newsletter out to you last month, what a naughty CEO I turnout out to be!

So what have I been up to since you heard from me late April?

Well, Venus, for the very first time has a Business Development Manager, Anna Thomson. Her role, as well as being VRM to our remote groups is to look at options for growing the network, whether that be managing our waitlist or working alongside the VRM’s proactively approaching businesses in the regions with a view to getting them involved in Venus.
I’ve also been travelling, running workshops, launching groups, visiting meetings, securing all the details around NZBW and with my Venus Academy Manager hat on, working with the VRM’s scheduling workshops around the country. I’ll also let you in on a little secret – I’ve also already booked a couple of our Xmas parties …. I was on a role so why not?! When the magazine was published, I turned in to ‘courier Carolyn’ and spent half a day packaging up magazines and sending them out to VRM’s, facilitation teams and also some of the interested parties on our database.
Additionally, we’ve done a re-shuffle in Auckland with Tonia Hill taking on more groups, and Anna Thomson taking over our ‘remote’ groups as VRM. Yolanda now only looks after 12 groups – down from an all time high of 20 (she’ll be wondering what to do each day!)

Venus Training Academy

… and we’re off.
I’m very happy to report over the last six weeks we’ve successfully run a Personal Branding workshop in Hastings and Keys to Successful Marketing in Wellington, both with good numbers attending. We’ve received great feedback from participants which always makes it well worthwhile.
Over the next month Seal the Deal, our workshop all around improving the sales in your business, is running in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga so if you’re keen please get in touch with your VRM or drop me an email. I am also going to be running Keys to Succesful Marketing in Auckland in August for anyone interested.
If you are keen on any of these workshops, please head to the Eventbrite tag on the website, and it will show you what is going on where. You have two options for payment, either full payment up front or 50% deposit and then 50% seven days before the workshop.
If you want to find a little more about the Venus Academy, book a RAVE with one of either the Regional Managers or the Venus Training Academy Coaches? I’m always keen to get to know you all more so drop me an email; we’ll have a RAVE and see what works for you moving forward.
The Venus Training Academy is there to run group training in an environment that sees you alongside other women who are looking for the same learning and advice. It’s very much about the learning alongside like-minded women in a supportive environment. If you’re looking for a specialist or one on one training talk to us and we’ll recommend you someone in the network.
Remember, the best investment you can make is in yourself!

Venus Networking

Member Success and Power Hour, as well as Collaborative Teams, is also being run by the VRM’s and Academy coaches nationwide over the next couple of months. Keep your eyes peeled on the Regional Facebook pages, alternatively ask your VRM when the next one is.
Additionally, we are running our first ever Zoom Member Success on 10 July, this is for the ladies in our remote groups (i.e. regions where we only have one group). We are doing this so that they get the same workshops as other regions; it’s also a good way for the wider network to meet each other, albeit online.
In the last wee while we have launched Venus Whangarei (and they’re already talking about a second group!), additionally we’re getting some pressure by ladies in Kerikeri (four and a half hours north of Auckland!) for a group up there!
Tomorrow I head to New Plymouth with Anna Thomson to launch Venus New Plymouth to 30 interested businesswomen!

Free Month

I want to encourage you to refer Venus to the women you do business with. The power of the community is the community and as we grow and change our ability to work alongside, help and collaborate with one another increases as well. The more of us that there are, the more we can support, encourage and motivate one another step up and run amazing businesses.
A reminder that for each person you refer to Venus you get a one-month free membership when they’ve joined and paid their membership fee. Get them to register online or put them in touch with your Regional Manager.

Venus Magazine

… should be safely and securely in your hands. Time for a quick breather before getting stuck into the next magazine. I’ve already had two articles submitted and a few one page advertisements sold. Remember this issue is due out post conference in November, it’s our summer issue and is out for 6 months.

Inspiring Business Women

You may have noticed some posts of inspiring members on the web, make sure you don’t miss out on the promotion of your business in 2018. Fill in this link, and we shall add your story to the Venus website, post on social or print in the magazine. Don’t be the best secret in Venus – tell us all about yourself!

NZ Business Women’s Conference


As you will all be aware (unless you’ve been hiding under a rock!), Venus is, in October of this year, running the NZ Businesswomen’s Conference (#NZBW18)
The idea behind running the conference is to provide something to you, our members, over and above your networking and training and development. I also want to raise the profile of Venus to businesswomen and in the business community as a whole. This conference is open to businesswomen inside and outside of Venus and is also open to men. We have a couple of male speakers and already have two men registered to come to the conference (although I think they’re looking forward to being in the minority!)
We have 20 amazing speakers and are running some exciting workshops, over almost two days. There is also an opportunity for a little informal networking at the Friday night dinner/drinks and the Saturday wrap up lunch. Additionally, we have an exhibition area where businesses will be promoting themselves, both Venus and non-Venus so if this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch.
Tickets are on sale now with various options available. There is the option for you to pay a deposit and then pay the balance of the ticket price by 1 August (I wanted to make it easier for those that wanted to come but needed to manage cashflow), additionally we’ve done a special deal with the Novotel which is just up the road – get online and book your flights now while you can get them cheaper. There is also an opportunity to win some prices if you book and pay in full by 1 July!
If you haven’t already please go and like the NZ Businesswomen’s FB page and spread the word far and wide for me. We do have a PR plan, but I’d appreciate any help getting the word out to the broader business world.

Love seeing your Facebook posts from what I can see everyone is working hard, and the determination to rock 2018 is turning in to reality. I love hearing and seeing all the wonderful things, you, our members are doing. I continue to be excited and motivated by all the incredible things that are happening, and the support that you give one another, it does make my heart sing (and my eyes leak sometimes!)

Until next month my gorgeous gals!
Carolyn x

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