There is no magic formula for business growth.

Sure, certain guidelines make smart business sense universally, but every enterprise is unique and requires tailor-made strategies and skills.

However, there is one magic ingredient that transcends every niche and industry. Whether you are at day one of building your business or day 1000 of trying to maintain business growth, you need to be consistent.

But what exactly does consistency look like in business, and how can you make it easier to achieve? Read on to find out.

Consistency In Purpose

Your purpose is the backbone of everything you do in business. It shapes the way you work, your values and mission, your branding and voice. If your purpose is shaky or changes from day to day, your entire business will be built on wobbly foundations.

So, what is your why?

What is the reason you keep going? The reason you get up in the morning and embrace another day in business. Your purpose is such a personal thing and is different for every business owner. It could be your family, your kids, your passion, your love of helping people… anything that lights a fire in you.

Once you identify that purpose, it is easier to drive your business forward. A consistent purpose allows you to create a transparent business. It’s your true north that keeps you on track and focused on where you want to be.

Consistency In Branding And Messaging

Consistency is also vital when it comes to branding. In this overwhelming digital world, it is so easy for your business to be forgotten. Which is why we work so hard to be seen and remembered by our audience. Maintaining your visual branding is the key to this recognition.

But branding is so much more than just your logo. It’s the voice, tone, messaging, and feeling associated with your business.

Being consistent with how you talk to your audience, what kind of content you produce, and how you deliver on your promises shows that you are reliable and trustworthy.

Consistent Products And Services

Why do people go to McDonald’s? Whether you are a fast-food fan or not, you know that McDonald’s is going to provide you with quick, easy, familiar food that tastes the same whether you’re eating it in Otago or Okinawa.

You should be offering the same in your business.

No, I don’t mean upselling fries with every purchase! But, I do mean providing consistent customer service and high standards with every transaction. Your audience wants familiarity and consistency from what you offer – make sure you deliver.

Consistent Commitment

Every business owner thinks about throwing in the towel at some point or another. But those that succeed never stop showing up, even when they really want to stay in bed with the covers over their head!

It is so easy to make excuses. Easy to find a reason why you can’t do something that might be a little bit difficult or uncomfortable.

It is much harder to show up and do the mahi every day.

BUT, showing up and doing the mahi is what will deliver the results you want.

Ensuring consistency in your business is just as much about developing this same quality within yourself. Keep doing the work, keep showing up, and keep slogging on – even when it’s hard.

Just think, if you don’t start now you will be in the exact same place in a year’s time. So, don’t do it for today’s you, do it for next year’s you. She will thank you for it!

How To Maintain Consistency For Business Growth

Like any habit – good or bad – consistency takes practice. In business, it’s a reflection of your routines, how well you plan, and your determination to find success.

The plan comes first. Decide what your big goals are, then break them down into baby steps. The smaller and more achievable your plan feels, the less likely it is to become overwhelming. Make it easy for yourself to be consistent!

Keep your actions achievable. There’s no point running yourself into the ground to try and write two blog posts a week if it’s not sustainable in the long run.

Once you have your master plan broken down into weekly and daily to-do lists, find ways to support it. The goal isn’t to make your life hard – it’s to make those consistent actions a piece of cake! Think about what processes or systems you could implement to take care of key tasks – whether by using an app, delegating, or outsourcing some of the work.

Be accountable. This is often easier said than done. It’s far too easy to wriggle out of promises we make to ourselves, but much scarier to disappoint others! Find yourself a coach, a mentor, or some accountability buddies to help you hone that consistency habit.

Get some help. There are a million jobs to do in a small business. And if you want to grow, you can’t keep doing them all yourself. So, call in some help. You might choose to engage a VA, bookkeeper, or even a content writer to help you remain consistent with your vital business tasks.

The Beauty Of Consistency

Consistency is what keeps you showing up even when times are tough. It’s what gets your brand in front of the right people, and ultimately, your consistency will dictate your success. Start noticing where you are able to be consistent in your business and where you need to put in some work, then get to it! You will find the benefits flow through to other areas of your life.

A great place to start being consistent is with the marketing content you publish for your business. Grab my free resource which helps you generate consistent leads and sales across all of your marketing channels by using one key piece of content.

This piece was written by Gemma Knight from Gemma Knight Writes. Gemma is a content writer specialising in crafting blog, social media and newsletter content that is designed to promote and grow your business.