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Hello Ladies

The new year has well and truly started and with talking to members some have hit the ground running straight off their holidays and others say they have been slow to start. Whichever is happening for you take a look to see how Venus might be able to support you with your business activity.

Maximise being in your Venus Network

There are many ways to maximise your membership in Venus.  The following are a few to put in your plan for 2018.

  • if your category is not in another group then arrange with your Venus Regional Manager (VRM) to visit another group
  • attend a Members Success Workshop, Power Hour,  Meet Up,  Collaborative Teams, After 5’s Event  (there is no cover charge for these events, they are part of your membership)
  • after you have attended Members Success Workshop then book a Power Rave with your VRM and spend 45 mins talking about your business and putting a plan in place to maximise your membership in Venus that also supports your business focus
  • be prepared with clear concise message for your 1 minute spot in your meeting
  • make the most of the time you will get to showcase your business in the 6 min slot at your meeting
  • read your handbook as that will give you lots of tips plus check out the Member resources are under your Member Login
  • Check out who is in your Venus Network on the website and connect with them

Plus the strongest and most regular way to maximise being in Venus is:

  • attend your fortnightly meeting or send a rep if you can’t attend (keep your business top of mind)
  • do your fortnightly rave this includes raves in your region or out of region over skype or phone
  • give referrals to Venus Ladies in your group, region and nationwide
  • build your group and region by referring ladies to Venus (added bonus when they join you get an extra months membership)
  • use you group, region Facebook pages to share about your business. This is seen by Venus ladies
  • post on Venus Noticeboard on the Venus website. This is seen by the public and Venus ladies
  • go back and review the previous topics to gain more insight and learnings as your business develops through the year
  • develop a mindset of giving and referring. I listen to hear anybody I met in my life as to what issue or pain they are going through. I then think of who is in my Venus Network and I will refer. So listen for the cues you are might be getting all the time as you meet people.

Share you business via Venus Magazine

  • So its that time of the year again, time to start putting together the Venus Magazine, due out late May this one is already being eagerly looked forward to after the success of the first ‘new venus’ one!
  • We’ve got some amazing articles up our sleeve, guaranteed to be another great read well received by one and all. Lots of excitement when these hit people’s desks!
  • Like to submit an article or advertise – get in touch now to make sure you don’t miss out. Remember we only do two magazines a year so its six months of being in the spotlight!
  • Here’s the link to the Venus Magazine page on our website. Scroll down about half way and you’ll see the Media Pack  :-) Read more…

Have a great month ladies and I will share more with you on Facebook and emails through the month till the next newsletter.

Keep Raving!

Linda Crosbie
East  & South Auckland, Waikato Venus Network Regional Manager
Email Linda
m:: 021530877


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