Another Year in the Rear View Mirror By Jennifer Myers

As you near the end of another year in business (either in your own business or for an employer), I would encourage you to set aside time to reflect on what has happened during the year. But, after 13 years of coaching a wide variety of businesses, I have come to rely on a few specific questions to guide this reflection. So make an appointment with yourself (and keep it!), pour your favourite beverage, get comfortable and make sure you have something to write or type your thoughts on.

One of the first questions I want you to ask yourself is this: ‘What has gone brilliantly well for me this year in my business or in my career?’

  • What goals did I smash?
  • What client did I win?
  • How much holiday or quality family time did I enjoy?
  • What new skill did I learn?

Take time with this one and really FEEL the enjoyment and the sense of achievement, then write down what feelings are coming up.

The next question I want you to focus on is:  ‘What didn’t go to plan this year?’

  • What deal fell over?
  • What system or process let me or a client down?
  • What project did I start and not finish?

The REAL gold in this question is following up each of  your answers with this: ‘What could I have done to change the outcome of that situation?’ This question isn’t just about rehashing what went wrong, but making a real attempt to learn from those experiences so that you don’t repeat them! Write down your answers.

Here’s the third question I want you to answer: ‘What will I do DIFFERENTLY in the coming year to get an even better result for my business or to further my career?’  Because here’s the thing, if you’re not growing you’re dying. And your business or career will never outgrow YOU! How will YOU grow in the coming year?

  • How many books will you read?
  • What new skill will you learn?
  • How much holiday time will you enjoy?
  • How will you take care of yourself differently to protect your energy?
  • How will you keep more promises to yourself?
  • What will LIFE/WORK balance look like?

2024 can be whatever you want it to be. So, use your reflection time to begin designing the life and business YOU want. You know your Venus management team is here to support you any way we can. You just have to ask!

Happy Holidays!