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Hi Ladies, well it is with a little bit of sadness that I write my very last newsletter as a Regional Manager. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 5 years in this role, but it is now time for me to totally focus on my own business and share my passion fully with the world. I can truly say that without what I have received and learnt from Venus I would not have the confidence to really press into my own business on a full time basis.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your commitment and individual contributions to the Network. It is thanks to everyone that we are going from strength to strength. A huge thank you to all the Facilitators who have worked closely with me in the Hutt Valley and Wellington. I appreciate you all very much, as I know do all the members.

I will be staying on in the Wellington North group as a member and am really looking forward to catching up with you as I visit other groups and attend workshops and events. All the very best to Paula Kruger who is taking over from me in this role. She is an experienced and passionate member and Regional Manager, currently looking after the Hutt Valley and I know will do a fantastic job. Paula can be contacted on


Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Member Success Workshops this month. It was wonderful to meet the newer members and re-connect with those I haven’t seen for a while. Remember, these free workshops are a wonderful networking opportunity and you are welcome to attend those in other Regions. Keep an eye out for the next one’s which will be run over the next 2 – 3 months.

A huge thank you to Linda Postma from our Upper Hutt group and Summerset Retirement Village who hosted a lovely Venus After 5 (VA5) last week. These will be run quarterly and if you would like to be involved please talk to Paula.

How to make the most of your membership

If you register a guest to attend Venus (who subsequently joins) you will be given one month’s free membership. Register here…

Please make sure your name is inserted in the “How did  you hear about Venus” box. You can still continue to organise this through your Regional Manager or the guest, yourself or your Facilitator can do it for you. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow our groups and the whole community benefits.

All guests outside the Venus network MUST be registered via the website before they can attend a meeting. We want to make sure there is a spot for their profession and they know the membership information and commitment before coming along to experience a meeting.


Thank you so much ladies and I look forward to seeing you within Venus. Have a wonderful month.

Kind regards,

Wellington Regional Manager
Venus Business Women’s Network
Mob: 021 0225 2866


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