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Hi Ladies!

Welcome to May

How fast is this year going! We are cruising through the year already, and there is so much going on to tell you about!!

We have had a very successful Facilitator change over, and I would like to say a big thanks to everybody involved – My job is so much easier because you are all so wonderful. Please do remember though ladies that you need to send apologies through to facilitators in good time if you can’t make it. Being a member means you committed to your group, it is part of your Terms and Conditions that you can miss a maximum of two meetings per 6 months. If you are unable to make it, please also consider sending a sub.

Central Groups have had some awesome success with the Visitor Days and thanks again to all that helped me get these off the ground. These are going to stay a permanent fixture in Central, so now we have all had one, please let me know when you are ready to hold another one! It’s a great way to grow the Groups as it is my goal to get our groups all FULL! So get inviting, and I am as always working on the wait list as well. Remember that if you invite someone to register get them to write down your name as a referral source, so I can let Head Office know to allocate you a FREE Months membership as a thank you.

I am also going to be launching a brand new Group up in Whangarei on the 14th of June and looking for business up there to get registered to come along to the launch! If you know of anyone or can give me an introduction, it would be much appreciated.

Since the last newsletter, I have had the privilege of delivering both a Power Hour Workshop and today I presented the Member Success Workshop. Numbers for these are picking up and ladies these are FREE events that are included in your membership so make the most of it and sign up. The next Power Hour is on May 28th – So head to Event Bright and get your tickets.

As you all know, Venus Academy is now up and running and there are some amazing workshops being held all over NZ! The next one in Auckland is the Success Mindset Workshop run by Mandy Beverley, I have already snaffled a ticket, and I’m sure it will sell out quick so head on over and get signed up – These Workshops are an amazing way to keep growing and keep learning as we progress in business. Here is a link and I will also be posting these to the individual Facebook Pages shortly.

The Venus Magazine will be out this month, and it’s very exciting!!! Thanks to everyone who has had a part in this, I can’t wait to see it and then get it out to you all.

I know you all hear and see me harp on about Facebook but please keep an eye on these pages for events and feel free to contribute to both the Auckland Regional and your individual Group pages – If you are not a member of you Group one, please head to Facebook and search for it and request to be added. I can then add you in.

NZ Business Women’s Conference – Carolyn and the Head Office Team have been doing an amazing job getting this organised, and there is now a Save The Date – Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of October 2018. This is going to be an event not to be missed, it is open to both Venus and Non-Venus Women in Business and has some inspiring and impressive speakers and sponsors. I will be there with bells on for both VRM Venus hat and my own Business; it’s going to be fantastic to get involved and be a part of it! The launch is coming so watch this space. I want to share with you part of Carolyn Banks Newsletter about the conference so you can start to be as excited as I am – “The idea is that you will be inspired and learn. We are going to be running workshops so you can learn from the experts, we’re also going to be having a ‘women of influence’ panel where we can learn from businesswomen who have been there and done that, we’re going to discover how to manage stress, learn about leadership and emotional intelligence in business as well as hear some inspiring stories – oh and we are going to have drinks, dinner and a band so you can have a boogie as well!”

Keep up your RAVES and referrals, sign up for the May Power Hour and do let me know if you would like a Power RAVE!

Take care and see you all soon.

Kind regards


Nicola Hunt
Regional Manager Central Auckland
Venus Network

Mob:  022 656 9443
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