Kim Laurenson,

Business overview

Mylend are the Mortgage Advisers you can trust, helping people in different situations reach their financial goals in life. We are Mortgage Advisers based in Christchurch, but we work with everyone throughout New Zealand: from first home buyers to property investors, those managing their debts and looking to refinance, and homeowners looking to change their financial situation. We help you with it all and look forward to working with you!

Products and services I offer

Kim can look after all of your home lending needs. From our first home buyers who are looking to enter the property market, all the way through to our experienced home owners who just need a little help with their interest rates and refixing.

Renowned for her unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Kim takes individuals through the entire mortgage process, offering expert advice and ensuring a seamless experience. What sets her apart is her dedication to understanding the unique needs of each client, establishing her as a trusted ally in the pursuit of homeownership goals.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I really enjoy working with other women in business and its a great opportunity to work with other like minded women! More knowledge is power!

My point of difference

Kim is a distinguished mortgage professional with a remarkable history of success at Mylend. Her extensive experience in the finance industry has positioned her as a specialist in assisting clients through the intricate landscape of mortgages. Most recently, Kim was named as one of the Top 40 Elite Advisers in NZ for 2024.

My latest business news

One of Kim’s recent achievements includes the establishment of an insurance arm within Mylend, showcasing her adaptability and strategic vision in expanding the business’ offerings. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kim is a devoted mother to two beautiful children. You will often find her running in the hills, and drinking copious amounts of coffee!
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