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Business overview

Total AML is an anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) service provider, specialising in catering to reporting entities in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Island nations. With a comprehensive suite of services, we empower businesses to navigate the complex landscape of AML/CFT compliance with confidence and efficiency.

Founded by me, Giulia Dondoli, a seasoned professional with a rich background in AML/CFT spanning over five years, Total AML benefits from extensive hands-on experience in both AML/CFT compliance and consulting. This unique perspective positions Total AML as a reliable and insightful partner for organisations seeking AML/CFT solutions.

Products and services I offer

Consulting Services - AML/CFT consulting services tailored to the specific needs of each client, including, customised risk assessments and compliance programmes.

Audit Services - Statutory audits (both limited and reasonable audits) to ensure reporting entities meet industry standards.

Training Programs - Workshops and seminars aimed at fostering a culture of compliance within organisations.

Online eLearning Course: Accessible and engaging eLearning courses available online for convenient learning. The course includes comprehensive modules covering AML/CFT fundamentals, regulations, and best practices.

YouTube Channel - Total AML's YouTube channel serves as a valuable educational resource. It is regularly updated with informative videos covering AML/CFT topics, and industry insights.

Why I'm in the Venus Network

I want to be part of a Venus Network because, as a first-time business owner, I feel isolated and lack a network of fellow entrepreneurs. I hope that joining Venus will provide me with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, gain valuable insights, and overcome the challenges of starting a business more effectively.


“I trust Giulia to do the AML work properly – there is no higher praise from me.” Katerina Hatzidakis, Principal/Director - Accessible Law

“I had been struggling for several years to comply with my AML/CFT obligations, and had received an adverse report from the DIA about my annual reports (especially my risk assessment and compliance programme) and lack of audits. I was at my wits end, had thought that my efforts had been sufficient, but that had proved not to be the case. After completing an online AML webinar, I was fortunate to have been contacted by Giulia Dondoli, and that proved to be a Godsend.
I now have a Risk Assessment and Compliance Programme that I can see will certainly meet the strict requirements of the DIA, and will also pass an audit. I also have resources from Giulia on how to comply with the rest of my AML/CFT obligations to satisfy the DIA. I am so glad to have fixed my AML/CFT obligations and reporting. I can now concentrate on running my accounting practice, knowing that this side of the practice is sorted.” Christopher Raynal, Director - Ace Accountants Limited

My point of difference

The distinctive feature of my business lies in a steadfast commitment to empowering reporting entities in AML/CFT practices. I prioritise transferring knowledge during consulting and auditing engagements. By working together, whether through consultations or audits, I aim to equip clients with a comprehensive understanding of AML/CFT processes, fostering independence and informed decision-making. Moreover, the emphasis on training extends to the convenience of online learning through microlearning formats. This approach ensures that clients have access to digestible, targeted training modules, enhancing their AML capabilities efficiently and on their terms.

My latest business news

I recently launched my e-Learning course:

In parallel to my course, I also launched my YouTube channel where I talk about AML/CFT:
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